Neurevo has supported numerous businesses in…

Taking the hassle out of developing and launching promotions, communication campaign’s, events and conferences, in doing so, motivating and exciting distributors and staff in building the business.

Taking the strain out of recruiting, through our industry-leading database of candidates, in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry, to give you the very best people to lead your business.

Taking the stress out of developing your business strategy, by our team of industry veterans who bring decades of experience of what works and what doesn’t in Europe.

Taking the pressure of building and sustaining your distributor force with the skills gained in running and managing huge networks, brought to your business.
Taking the anxiety of operationally supporting your business, through our network of professionals adept at making your business efficient and effective.

Let us work with you in addressing the challenges you have, by adding our experience, knowledge and skills to your business, we are just a contact away from starting with you right now!

Neurevo strategically guided us into new and exciting overseas opportunities

- Happy Client

Skills and Experience

Distributor Force and Leadership Recruitment,
Development and Training/Education;
built on years of personal experience
in building and sustaining start-ups
to 20,000 person networks.

Marketing and Communications Strategies and Campaigns;
built on experience in leadership roles and assignments
for top global companies through to
innovative and agile start-ups.

Strategy and Planning; built on the foundation of extensive research,
launch and development of businesses’,
products and media channels across
Europe, Russia, India, South Africa and Asia.

Recruitment and Management Development;
built on having the specialist in Europe,
who has placed and supported over
1,200 candidates across 80 odd businesses.

Experts in External Affairs,
Legal, Finance and Operations:
built on expert Neurevo Partners who
‘have been there and done the job’,
time after time.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: We are thinking of taking our business to Europe, how can Neurevo help us be successful in this challenging but exciting marketplace?
A: Our Partners have extensive experience in developing and building businesses across Europe, not only of what works better but also what not to do – because we have been there already! Bringing decades of real life,
good and bad to your business upfront!


Q: We have products that we think could sell well through Direct Selling, how would we investigate and assess the opportunity and bring it to market?
A: In the increasingly competitive global marketplace, we have worked with numerous companies looking at direct selling. We can help you develop and launch or even find a partner to work with, to add a new and exciting channel to market for your business!


Q: We have a good but stale business in a number of markets, could you help us in reviving them?
A: For every business we have helped launch, we have helped an equal number in sustaining and rebuilding their businesses. We will address every facet of how your business is presented, promoted, developed and reinvigorate it from top to bottom, yes it will be challenging but so rewarding!


Q: Getting the very best people for our business who can also adapt to our culture is critical to business success – can you help?
A: Yes! We have the largest and most comprehensive database of candidates across Europe, who we know personally, so we can match both your business needs and ensure their best fit for your organisation – person by person!

Neurevo accomplishments

Creative Communications

Turning strategic thought into real action, delivering compelling communications that work – that’s what excites us.

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Start Ups

If you are new to our Industry launching can be really confusing, even if you’ve achieved success in other business models, as Direct Sales may not be as easy as you think.

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At Neurevo we have unrivalled access to current market information regarding Direct Selling professionals throughout the industry Worldwide.

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As an Executive, supported the development and implementation strategies that have made this key market be a global success storey from day one.

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I would always chose them instead of some other agencies.
- Jackie Perry, CEO
Transformed our direction and showed us the way
- Philip Daniels, Real Software CTO
The flexibility and simplicity of is a major reason why we choose to work with Neurevo
- Anton Crew, CEO

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