Traditionally, as Direct Sellers go international, the focus is on developing and launching markets, often through a dedicated ‘market opening team’. When this global player launched its 57th affiliate Russia, whilst investing significant resources and effort in opening this important market, they mirrored this with a focus on developing growth strategies to sustain business momentum. This was specifically designed to ensure the early sales surge often seen in new markets was not followed by a degree of sales falloff as the market matured.

A multidisciplinary team, from the market itself was paired with staff from the Region and from Global headquarters who after an initial strategic review were organised into 7 work streams that had been identified as having potential to support and sustain sales growth. Our Neurevo partner at the time had a key role in bringing the various concepts and strategies into a coherent whole and the communication and presentation of the final plan to the Executive Board in the US. This activity led to the development and launch of two consecutive business strategies that not only supported this market becoming fastest growing ever for the company, but it has achieved over a decade of consistent sales growth since launch and in doing so has become a leading market for the global business.

Paul Smith says,

“Launch strategies are of course important, but my experience in Russia reinforces the value of also developing, launching and managing strategies to sustain business success – and these are often different to those needed at market launch or require a changed focus.”

The value of this effort has been three fold,

  • The significant initial financial investment and risk taken in this challenging market has been rewarded by over a decade of sustained sales and profitability return.
  • The traditional post launch fall in business momentum was eliminated, not only was this financially positive, it reinforced business confidence and stability to the benefit of the company and distributors alike.
  • Challenges that would have normally been expected have been pre-identified and acted upon ahead of time, either reducing their impact or nullifying them to the benefit of the business and in the process enabling the business to be better managed.

In conclusion Paul remarks,

“This example is indicative of what Neurevo can bring to your business, our individual and collective experiences built up over years of direct work in the field – this can be brought to your business, tailored to meet the challenges and opportunities you have.”